Welcome back to another edition of Code Tip Tuesday. Most of the posts thus far have focused on tools that you can use to either learn code or become a better developer. Today I will be talking about the most powerful tool yet…people. There is really no substitute for learning from another person. Some people go to school to learn from a teacher, while others take a more unconventional route. My focus is on the latter. Some of the greatest knowledge I have gained thus far in my journey of learning to code has come from simply being in a room with people that have more experience than I. And a great way to find these rooms is on a little app called Meetup.

I found a local developers Meetup through the app that I have been attending for the past several months and it has helped me in so many ways. First, just being around people and listening to their discussions helps you grasp concepts a lot better. You learn almost through osmosis, it seems. While you may not contribute right away, just sitting and listening is an effective way to learn a lot about coding. Secondly, it is a great place to find a mentor. You may be hesitant, at first, to talk to someone about being a mentor.  However, as you become more comfortable with the group, you will find that the developer community is a helpful and gracious one. Thirdly, just the mere fact of getting out of your comfort zone is a positive toward your goals for learning to code. Being in a learning and nurturing environment can do all sorts of good things for your journey.

Whether you use Meetup, or some other avenue to meet other developers in your area, I strongly suggest that you engage in this practice. It has truly helped me become a better developer, and it continues to with each meeting I attend. So, go out there and meet some people and begin to grow your network. Thanks for stopping by, and I will see you next Tuesday.

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