Hello and welcome to another edition of Code Tip Tuesday. Today I am going to cover some of the podcasts that I have used to help me on my journey of learning to code. I think the biggest misconception regarding this resource is that you have to be a full fledged programmer to take advantage of the content. This is just not true. Now, while starting out, some of the content might fly right over your head. However, continually listening to concepts around coding will help the content gel in the long run. For instance, one of the podcasts that I mention below had an episode on JavaScript array methods. Now, when I first heard the episode, most of the stuff they spoke about went right over my head. However, I came back and listened to it a few weeks later and realized that after using some of these methods I could more easily understand everything else. So, let’s get into it.

The first podcast that I am going to plug here is directed at web developers. The podcast is called Syntax, and is hosted by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski (two very talented full-stack developers). The podcast is released every Wednesday, with a shorter version released every Monday. As the hosts say, it is “the podcast with the tastiest web development treats.” I believe you will get a lot out of this podcast if you keep it in full rotation.

Next up is a podcast more for those in the Microsoft space. The podcast is called .NET Rocks, and is hosted by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell. A true testament to the success of the podcast is gleamed from the amount of episodes that have been released. The duo have currently recorded over 1500 podcasts and counting. This is a great resource for anyone working with C# or any other Microsoft centric technology.

While these are only two of a whole plethora  of coding related podcasts out there, they have been truly helpful for myself. So, I encourage you to find some podcasts that you enjoy, and that spark that desire within you to learn more about the coding environment for which you are working. Please comment below with the podcasts that you listen to that have helped you along the way. Remember to like and share this post on your favorite social media platform, and I will see you next Tuesday.

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