Hello everyone, and welcome to the second week of Code Tip Tuesday. I hope everyone got a chance to check out the Scrimba learning environment from last week. This week we will be discussing how you can start contributing to open source through GitHub. If you don’t already have one, it is a good idea to create a GitHub account. Many potential employers like to see what kind of code you produce to assess your problem solving skills. GitHub is a great place to showcase any projects that you have worked on to show these employers your skill set.  Also, GitHub allows you to get your feet wet with open source contributions. This topic can be a scary one for developers who are just starting out. So, I wanted to share the way I got into contributing on GitHub.

Luckily, the developer community is full of people who encourage others to learn the craft and are willing to help. This is good news for you. Because, some of these developers will tag issues in their code as a good first issue for someone just starting out. So, how to you find these issues? It is incredibly easy. After you sign into GitHub, click on the the search bar. Type in the following:

label:”good first issue”

Your search will come back with a whole host of issues that have been labeled “good first issue.” Now you can simply use the filtering methods on the left-hand side to find something in your wheel house. For instance, you can click “Open” under the States column, and “JavaScript” under the languages column to pull up open issues in JS. Searching for things in GitHub has its own syntax. So, as you use GitHub more and more it is important to familiarize yourself with this syntax, so you can more easily find the things for which you are looking.  Feel free to give me a follow on GitHub for access to more code as I begin to make it available.

Now, go out there and start contributing. You will be surprised at how quickly it will help you get better at code. Good luck, and see you next Tuesday.

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