Welcome to the first Code Tip Tuesday. The idea behind these posts is to offer beginning developers tools and tricks to use to help them excel their newfound passion for coding. These will be very short posts designed to give you some information on a topic, in the hopes that you will go out explore more about each topic. Today, I am going to give a quick overview of a great learning tool called Scrimba. I was introduced to Scrimba a few weeks ago while attending a developers meetup here in Reno, Nevada. Now that I have had some time to mess around with the tool, I can see the usefulness of this technology for beginning developers. So, let’s look at how it works.

Scrimba offers a whole host of tutorials where instructors will walk you through a specific topic. Scrimba is focused primarily on web technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. There are even courses for some frontend JavaScript frameworks, such as Vue.js and React.js. Now for the good stuff! Scrimba sets itself apart from other tutorials in one key way. When you open up a lesson on Scrimba, you will see a code editor and hear an instructor talking as they edit code on the screen. Now, say you want to mess around with the code yourself to see what making changes does to the output. With Scrimba, you can simply pause the video and begin editing the code that the instructor was just working with. When you feel that you are done exploring, just click play and the code editor will go back to the way it was and the course will continue. In this respect, I believe Scrimba is an incredibly useful tool for anyone looking to learn code. This product is especially helpful for those of us that need to learn hands on. So, go and check out Scrimba and let me know your thoughts by commenting below.  Share this post with #CodeTipTuesday to help others on their journey. See you next Tuesday!

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