Volunteering can help your community and assist in growing your network simultaneously. For the aspiring entrepreneur, expanding your network is a critical part of building your foundation. Networking can help the entrepreneur who is looking to grow a small business and even the one who has higher ambitions of owning a giant corporation. For the entrepreneur with more modest aspirations, volunteering is an excellent way to spread brand awareness and build your local network. The old saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know” is a very accurate statement for the modern entrepreneur. And volunteering is a great way to help facilitate your network growth.

For the entrepreneur who is looking to build a small or medium-sized business, knowing folks in your community is especially important. Finding a new supplier, or tips on how to target the local market in your advertising campaign, even partnering together to reduce costs, are all advantages of growing your local network. There are many ways to build your network. You can attend regional networking meetings, directly introduce yourself to other local entrepreneurs, or even connect with people on LinkdIn. However, there are some other, not so obvious, ways to grow your networks. And one of those is volunteer work.

Volunteering in your local community I a great way to meet influential people in your area. Many of these people are local business owners, community organizers, and everyday people wanting to help their community. So, by volunteering, you can grow your network in several different areas at once. You’re not just meeting with local business owners, like in a networking meeting, or political figures, like a town hall meeting. You can expand your network to include these people, and even potential future customers all at once. And the best part is you’re helping your community at the same time.

Social responsibility is a significant function of any business today. Many customers, or potential business partners, want to work with someone that they know has the community’s needs in mind. Volunteering helps build your brand awareness as a responsible figure in the local community.  The effect lets people know what you care about and that your aspirations involve the community as a whole. This social responsibility is a priceless advantage to be had by volunteering your time in the local community. And the best part is all you need to give up is a little bit of your time.

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