In the modern world, introversion is typically viewed as a disadvantage. Most successful entrepreneurs are generally classified as extroverts. The world tries to pressure introverts into becoming extroverts. However, introverts hold their own special strengths that can be specifically addressed in the world of entrepreneurship. We all have strengths when it comes to being an entrepreneur; the key is knowing that your strengths are and how to apply them in certain circumstances. Introverts have many redeeming qualities. My goal here is to emphasize the ones that I believe are best suited for the role entrepreneurship.

First, introverts typically think before they react. I don’t mean that others do not think before they act. However, introverts tend to think more deeply about their interactions. While this may seem like we are negligent in offering our opinions on a subject, it is just the opposite. Introverts want time to thoroughly think about an issue before committing themselves to the solution. This methodology is a clear-cut advantage because introverts tend to prepare more thought through responses instead of coming up with a solution on the fly. While it may take a little more time to produce the solution, the solution will usually better address the problem, and better accommodate all parties involved.

Another benefit of being introverted in the business world comes in the way of our self-reliance. Many introverts focus on completing their goals as a matter of self-determination in making the goal succeed. While this area of introversion holds some drawbacks, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Introverts tend to keep the success or failure of a task more deeply rooted in their abilities. This position gives introverts an edge in the arena of being realists. While others may falsely over believe in their abilities, introverts know what they can accomplish and, therefore, are more likely to achieve those goals.

Lastly, introverts typically have a better sense of the human condition. All that in-depth thinking should pay off at some point, right? Again, introverts indulge themselves in a significant amount of self-reflection. Not only that, they reflect about all the things going on around them. This reflection means that introverts have a better understanding of human nature and can better align their business goals to fit them. This benefit stems from the ability of introverts to understand the human impulses of the people. And this knowledge comes from the introverts deep thinking that most others may take for granted.

Our world has tried to shove the idea down our throats, that extroverts make for better leaders. However, this idea is very false. Many hugely successful business leaders are introverts. Among them include Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and even Abraham Lincoln. While extroversion may be viewed as the dominant characteristic of leaders in the western world, the introverted leaders are usually better at accomplishing the task. Because, introverts may take longer to respond, but will respond with more thought out solutions for attacking a particular problem.

What are your thoughts? Comment below and let’s start a conversation.

Written by jasonalvernaz

Junior Software Developer focusing on web technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and C# within the .NET Core framework.

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